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The installation methods for the artificial grass will vary depending on the surface where it is being installed. The artificial grass can be installed outdoors on the ground where grass was growing earlier or indoors on a hard concrete surface. If the artificial grass is installed outdoors, the surface should be first prepared by removing any grass or plants and then compacting it. The area where the artificial grass is being installed, should be measured so that the right amount of artificial turf can be cut from the roll which is supplied.

After this for outdoor installation, the artificial turf should be rolled on the surface and fixed using landscaping pins. If the turf is being installed on concrete surfaces, the installer only has to mainly cut the artificial grass of the right area and roll it out. It can be either fixed to the surface using a glue or alternately furniture, pots and other heavy items can be used to put it in place.

For installing the outdoor carpet, the surface should be cleaned and dry. The carpet can be taped to the floor surface or a suitable adhesive can be used to fix it in place.

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