Tile project

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Tile project
Special tiles for different applications, generating electricity

Tiles are usually associated with the flooring of the house and in some cases they are used for covering the walls especially in the kitchen, bathroom where the humidity levels are high, and water may cause damage to the walls and structure of the building. However increasingly efforts are being made to develop innovative tiles which can be used for multiple applications or purposes.

Online search indicates that the piezo energy tile is a harvard project, yet a magazine has an advertorial from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad, extolling the virtues of the piezo energy tile project of their students of mechanical engineering. The tile uses piezo electric material to convert the mechanical force or stress on the tile when a person will step on the tile to electric energy which can be stored for use in future. They claim that the piezo tile has been used in Metro Bhawan and will be used at the various metro railway stations of Delhi

The piezo electric or energy tile is most suitable for applications where a large number of people will step on the tile with great force, mostly in public places like
Shopping malls
Bus stands
The tile will have limited application in private areas, where entry remains highly restricted, so only a few people will step on the tile. Research is being carried out on the amount of electricity which is generated by a typical energy tile from different sources, and the applications for which the generated electrical energy is being used.

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